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  Delek Marine Services Limited trades both large and small volume of petroleum products in Nigeria and West Africa. We offer retail distribution of petroleum products to end consumers ashore and offshore respectively. We also broker sales of petroleum products locally and internationally respectively.
  Products we trade in are;
  Gasoline (PMS)
Gas Oil (AGO)
Kerosene (DPK)
Fuel Oils
Aviation Fuel (Jet A1)

Trading activities are conducted through our office in Lagos, with well experienced staff available at all time to handle every aspects of trade.
The changing nature of demand and prices of petroleum products is a key element of oil trading, Delek Marine Services has been able to deliver prompt response to movements in demand and price changes through its local and international network of associate companies, partners and operations.
Products supplies are acquired through contracts from long, short and medium term purchase agreements from international and local oil marketers,

Delek Marine Services Ltd delivers to a variety of customers, including the major oil companies, Government purchasing agencies, individual and industrial end-users.

Delek Marine Services Ltd offer varieties of service in Shipping and Maritime both locally and internationally(West African Coast) respectivelly.
Our experience in shipping and maritime management placed us as one of the most reliable organisation within the maritime sector of Nigeria and West Africa capable of providing standard required by the marine industry of this generation.

We offer following services in shipping & Maritime Services;

 Ship Chartering
 Marine Cargo quality and quantity services.
 Ship Chandelling
 Ship bunkering
 Crew Management
 Ship brokerage
 Ship management
 Ship agency
 Ship inspection
 Ship certification
 Importation & exportation of goods through sea.

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